Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

PRIVACY POLICY ( www.postcardshop4u.com)

1. Website – an online page accessible through the link:  www.postcardshop4u.com;

2.  www.postcardshop4u.com – an online store, email address:  sales(eta)postcardshop4u.com tel. +37065403232;
3. User – anyone who sign up on the Website;
4. Visitor – anyone who is not signed up on the Website;
5. Account –  www.postcardshop4u.com link on any relevant website;
6. Browser – a program designed to show online pages (websites);
7. Personal data – any information related to a natural person – a data subject whose identity is known and can be directly or indirectly established with the use of such data as personal identity number, physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social characteristics specific to that person;
8. Recipient of personal data – a legal or natural person who receives the personal data;
9. Administrator of a website – a person responsible for administering  the Website;
10.Privacy policy –  this document  which establishes the main rules for collecting, accumulating, managing and storing personal data and other important information while using the Website.

11.  IP address – a unique number identifying a device connecting to a network of electronic communications. Since these numbers are assigned in the country-based blocks, an IP address can be used within the country where the website is being logged into. 


1. The main rules for collecting, accumulating, managing and storing personal data and other important information while a User or a Visitor is using the website and making an order are established in the Privacy policy of the website;

 2. The Privacy policy is designed to defend and protect the data of Website Users/ Visitors and other data from illegal use;
3.  Users and Visitors are considered to be familiarized with the Privacy policy when they receive the policy in the email registered with the Website or by having purchased items from the Website. You can get acquainted with this document at any time in the Website section “Privacy policy”. You can also download it and print it out from the Website. Users and Visitors shall always be informed about any future alterations or supplements of the Privacy policy on the Website or through email;

4.  www.postcardshop4u.com is registered in  the registry of Personal Data Protection Management. Identification code  - P5882, date of registration: 2014-03-19;

5. This privacy policy shall be applicable in all  cases when   www.postcardshop4u.com  receives Personal data when a User/ Visitor  orders or receives the items.
6.  People wishing to sign up on the Website must enter their email address which is used as a Username/ Login and password. You also need to enter your address, telephone number for delivery of your purchased items.  Users can always edit/ add any details on their profile. The profile can be deleted by contacting the administrator of the Website through email : sales(eta)postcardshop4u.com.


1.   Personal data such as name, surname, address, telephone number, email, IP address are collected and stored depending on the purchases made by the User/Visitor.

2. In order to improve the website, its stable operation, efficiency and functionality, we inform that while using the Website, statistics are gathered to determine the popularity of the Website. This is done to provide content related to interests of Users/Visitors and to save the history of the people who used the website when the agreement of the User/Visitor described in this Privacy policy cookies is received. You can delete or block cookies in the browser settings however doing that will make the Website work only partly.

Detailed information about cookies used on the website:



Purpose for data processing

Moment of creation

Validity time

Data used

Additional information

Counter of website users





These cookies are used to gather statistics about  website popularity. Received data is used to prepare reports and improve the website.

Upon the entrance to the page

2 years

30 min

Till closure

1 year

IP addresses and unique ID numbers used for accounting. Statistical accounting results. Accounting of a counter is conducted by “Google Analytics”

Further information from Google.

State Data Protection Inspectorate cooperate with software developers to ensure that the use of these cookies comply with the legal requirements.

A cookie is necessary for the website to function.


A cookie is designed to implement the function of internet website. It is deleted upon the closure of the window of the website.

Upon the entrance to the page

Till the closure of internet window

Unique ID number

Information from: PHP.NET: Sessions -



1.     Personal data is used for these purposes:
a. Order of products;
b. Delivery of products;
c. For the purposes of direct marketing when a User/Visitor has agreed upon that.
If you want to receive news in your email, in the section My account – Newsletter – Subscribe, choose “Yes”. You can unsubscribe at any time by signing in to your account.
d. A User/ Visitor can unsubscribe at any time by contacting the administrator of the Website by email: sales(eta)postcardshop4u.com
e.  The Website administrator may use IP addresses of Users/Visitors for the purpose of administering the Website and for diagnostics of possible failures.

1.     www.postcardshop4u.com has Accounts on these internet websites.
a.    Postcardshop4u.com – (social network Facebook);

1.  www.postcardshop4u.com  does not share Personal data to third parties within the Republic of Lithuania, the European Union or other countries for valuable consideration or free of charge excluding such cases as:

 a. If the User/Visitor gives a permission;
b. To the Law enforcement authorities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania procedure;
c. If it is necessary to prevent criminal acts or it is necessary to investigate them.


1. A User/Visitor gives the right to collect, manage or save Personal data of the User/Visitor to such an extent and for such purposes as it is provided in the Privacy policy. The User/Visitor has a right to withdraw the authorization to  www.postcardshop4u.com  to collect, manage or save Personal data and delete the personal data as well as the account.

2.  The manager of Personal data shall stop managing the Personal data however does not have to delete it if there is a base to do so.

3.  www.postcardshop4u.com shall save Personal data 6 months after the last time the user had logged into the Account.  (Changed 2018-05-01)

4. A User/Visitor immediately agrees that his/her Personal data would be saved till the end of a relevant investigation if  his/her user data had been used in illegal activities or in the event of another violation due to which investigation shall be carried out by law enforcement authorities if  www.postcardshop4u.com  has received complaints about this User/Visitor violating the Privacy Policy or rules of the Website or in the existence of other legitimate objectives to save the Personal data.
5.In order for a User/Visitor to implement the rights mentioned above he/she has to contact by email: sales(eta)postcardshop4u.com

1.  www.postcardshop4u.com  ensures that the Personal data provided by the User/Visitor will be secure on the Website and protected from any illegal actions: illegal disclosure or destruction or fraudulent activity  with Personal data, also ensures that the level of Personal data protection complies with Lithuanian Republic legislation.

2. Personal data is protected from the loss of it, illegal use or alterations. The database which stores the data of  Users/Visitors of the website is protected from impermissible access through computer networks.

3. The User is committed and obliged to secure his/her own login and password and other data necessary to access the Website.

1. This privacy policy is valid from 11th February 2013. Users/ Visitors will be informed about any alterations to the Privacy policy on the Website and by email.

2. Edited 2015-11-01

3. Edited 2018-05-01